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Educational institutions, universities, banks, libraries, businesses large and small, and even the US Department of Defense are all using Squidblacklist.org for a reason. Some of the most well known fortune 500 companies are using our services, but it isnt all about big business. We have created a new framework and we are changing the way that domain blacklist data is produced, setting a new standard, while offering a value option for the whole community. Our commitment to our subscribers is to continue refining our blacklist production and domain classification technology, this effort is what makes us the worlds leading publisher of domain blacklist data for content filtering platforms and applications.

We maintain a broad spectrum of blacklist formats to ensure compatibility across a wide range of platforms, which empowers you with additional options. These blacklists are ported for use with multiple content control solutions. Squid Proxy ACL format and e2Guardian/Dansguardian & Squidguard plain text compatible formats. Mikrotik RouterOS Web Proxy, RouterOS DNS in *.rsc, static dns, or Mikrotik Web Proxy access list format. Bind compatible Zone DNS, and DNSMasq blacklist formats are all now available to all subscribers.

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