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We specialize in serving intelligent network administrators high quality blacklists for effective, targeted inline web filtering leveraging Squid proxy. We are the worlds leading and ONLY publisher of blacklists tailored specifically for use with Squid Proxy Native ACL. We also publish our works in several alternative formats for compatibility with multiple other web filter platforms. The data that we use to generate the blacklists that we offer is compiled from various sources including some of the top security researchers and threat mitigation organizations worldwide. The aggregate of this data is combined, parsed for dupes and errors, erroneous entries are corrected and the unnecessary sub domains are strategically removed for maximum effect, then the domain blacklist data is then formatted specifically for content filtering purposes, for use with Squid proxy, and various other formats for many content filter applications and platforms. We strive daily for a higher degree of quality in our works. Our domain blacklists are unlike anything found elsewhere. It is this passion for quality that sets us apart from the competition.

Snake Oil SalesMan

There is no shortage of snake oil marketeers peddling garbage blacklists on other sites, but are you willing stake your reputation on poor quality blacklists? Our works are tailored specifically for use with Squid proxy and are derived from the best sources. We are constantly testing our own works in production before publishing, so that we are more aware and vigilant of errors and false entries. Hand made and human scrutinized, we offer our members multiple formats to ensure support for most major web filtering solutions including, Squid Proxy Native ACL, DansGuardian, SquidGuard, Mikrotik Web Proxy and many more. We invite you to join the growing number of administrators who put the power of the worlds best blacklists for Squid proxy into production. We only ask that you respect the terms of our creative commons license.

The Best Blacklists Available For Squid Proxy & Content Filtering.

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Squid 'Prime' Blacklist

We've combined most of the lists that we offer into an one awesome blacklist. Whether you want to block porno, annoying cpu sucking advertisements, or malware ridden websites that deliver nasty payloads of malware to your clients, the Squid Prime blacklist is a good fit for most networks. It is a combined threat profile that contains all unwanted hosts, threats, spyware, malware, infected, hostile, proxies, torrent & piracy related, pornography, ads, espionage, & more.

Worlds Largest Pornography Domain Blacklist

Our objective is to identify every single porn domain in existence, aggressively by any means necessary. Our list of pornography domains is already extensive, over 1,2x,xxx domains and it is growing with every update. It is the largest list of pornography domains available. When combined with a web filtering solution, we are confident that our porn blacklist is the strongest, most effective list for blocking porn at this price point. We have tested the options, we can confidently conclude that none of our competitors come close to matching what we have done with our porn blacklist.

Malicious Threats

Our malicious blacklist is backed by some of the nets most reputable sources. From commercial databases, the worlds top threat mitigation organizations and security research publications worldwide, We dont simply aggregate data from the other guys the way our competitors do. We care about our members, and we believe that defending our clients with the most extensive and up to date lists is critical to defending against known and emerging malicious threats that originate from hostile domains. It is mission critical to deliver the best malicious blacklist we can.

Swiss Cheese
Web Proxies and VPN

What good is your inline url filtering strategy if people are able to easily bypass it? The http proxy blacklist is a list of domains actively hosting http proxies, such as glyph or phpMyProxy, it does not contain ip addresses of socks proxies or otherwise, as most of our blacklists are, it is also a domain based blacklist. Without including an http blacklist in your filtering strategy you are setting yourself up for failure.

Jolly Roger Pirate Piracy Related Website Blacklist ( torrent and p2p file sharing )

This list is intended to block websites that serve as a staging point for copyright infringing peer to peer file sharing and similar traffic that can cause unwanted traffic congestion. And thats not the only reason to justify deploying this list. If infringing traffic is traced back to your ip address there can be legal consequences for you as the responsible party for your network and for your users. You could be subject to legal action such as law suits or even jail. Preventing this type of traffic is a priority for many people and so we have made it available to our subscribers.

United States Government Blacklist

Our United States government blacklist is directed towards users and administrators who wish to block unwanted communications with sensitive US government networks. It does not include networks that are home to useful hosts or sites such as the social securtiy administration, the us postal service, or your local unemployment office website. This list is not intended be used to block government service type websites that we all use. But it is designed to block the sensitive US Government networks that you likely, really do not want traffic from your network reaching. Note that this list is in no way meant to be used for malicious purposes. This list is intended to be used for legal network security only. No other public source has published a more thorough list of US Government ip ranges.

Illegal CP Blacklist

Our 'Illegal CP' blacklist is not the same cp blacklist those other sites have been trading for years. which contain unverified or expired domains. Our list is custom and unique, it is entirely built and maintained by The domains that it contains host some of the most disgusting, disturbing and or illegal media, specifically, a list of domains allegedly hosting content depicting illegal sex acts. The domains are verified recently live and active. Blocking these types of websites is a good idea for all networks. Many of these websites we often discover while working on our primary porn blacklist. When that happens, we record the sites, and report them to law enforcement, the list updates are then published and made available to all members.

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A solid web filtering strategy at its core requires a degree of logic, but also, great blacklists. You should not stake your reputation on something less than excellent. Consistently producing BETTER blacklists is our mission.