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A little bit about us.

There is a clear demand for a better blacklist. And with only a handful of questionable options available, we intend to fill that gap. Founded by Benjamin Nichols in 2012, is now a subscription based service that serves intelligent network administrators the highest quality domain blacklists available for effective, targeted inline filtering leveraging various content control applications and platforms, including Squid Proxy.

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A. Lugo

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D. Berdeaux

Initially, we began the service offering a handful of lists tailored specifically for use as Squid proxy access control lists, something that, at the time, was unavailable anywhere else. And we made them available for free, but as demand for our service began to scale, so did the workload required to continue our pursuit of a better blacklist, and so we became a paid service. It would be unfair not to acknowledge the continued consultation, code contributions, and advanced programming support provided by Douglas Berdeaux of Contributions, many of which serve as critical components to some of the most important functions of our automated domain addition and removal systems.

The blacklists that we now produce can be downloaded in several formats, ensuring broad compatibility with multiple web filter platforms and applications. The data that we use to generate the blacklists that we offer is compiled from various sources including some of the top security researchers and threat mitigation organizations worldwide. The aggregate of this blacklist database is combined, parsed for dupes and errors, erroneous entries are corrected and the unnecessary sub domains are strategically removed for maximum effect. Ultimately, the data is inspected by hand before the final validation procedure and publication occurs. We strive daily for a higher degree of quality in our works. And as a result of a passion for quality, our domain blacklists are unlike anything found elsewhere.

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B. Nichols

These blacklists are used by various entities and institutions, government and private, both large and small. We serve some of the most well known Fortune 500 companies. And many private, home operators have also choosen But we also use these lists in our own web filtering systems, on our networks to protect and defend our own businesses and families from unwanted content.

The lists are updated every day, sometimes several times per day and hand validated before publication, this is usually done by Benjamin Nichols. We should mention that get our malicious updates from multiple sources as well as from independent security researchers, for an additional layer of inline protection against emerging threats like phishing attacks, malware infections, botnets, spyware, scumware and more. Subscribe today and support our efforts as we continue developing a blacklist production system for the future.

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