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Frequently Asked Questions


What is is a service provider. When you subscribe, you are paying for our labor to maintain these blacklists. You will be issued a user name and password that will provide access to our members area, you will have access to download all of our blacklists and more, every blacklist in every format that we offer, updated regularly, with out limitations or per seat fees. You will be able to automate your blacklist updates.

I have more than one computer or subnet, do I pay extra?

No, your computers are your business, producing blacklists is ours, we do not charge per seat fees.

We are a business or an educational facility, do we pay extra?

No, some other providers may charge extra for this, but we do not.

Why are these blacklists better than the free alternatives?

In an evolving landscape we must continiously reach to improve our technology, this is critical to successfully producing the finest blacklist possible. Our production methods are scalable, and developement is ongoing. We are responsive, proactive, and we are continously developing our systems to bring you a dependable, quality service. As a service provider, we have a proven track record of uptime since 2012 to ensure availability of critical updates to our members, and the computer systems and networks that depend on us. There are only a few free alternatives, and none of them can compete with the service that we provide. Ultimately, you should ask yourself, do you intend to risk your reputation or your production networks with unreliable, poor quality free blacklists?

Removal or addition requests.

Simply fill out our domain submission form. We respond to removal requests and publish changes quickly.

Trial subscription to

If you would like to try our service before committing to a long term engagement, consider a monthly subscription. If at any time you become unsatisfied or do not wish to be a long term member, simply cancel your recurring payments in your Paypal account.

Im a current member and I want to change my payment plan.

Upgrading your account is easy. Whether you intend to switch from monthly or yearly, or if you want to purchase a Lifetime Membership. Simply make a payment and we will adjust your account accordingly.

How can I download blacklists right now?

Download Blacklists Now $9.95 Monthly Standard Monthly Payment.
Download Blacklists Now $95.00 Yearly Standard Yearly Payment.
Download Blacklists Now $295 5 Year Standard Standard 5 Year Service Plan - Find Out More.
Download Blacklists Now $495 Lifetime Standard Standard Lifetime Membership - Find Out More.


Do these blacklists work with Squid Proxy? (ACL Format)

Yes, we are the worlds leading publisher of blacklists tailored for use with Squid Proxy ACL's, our lists wont cause any errors.

Do these blacklists work with DansGuardian or SquidGuard?

Absolutely, with a subscription to you will have access to all of our blacklists in a shalla/urlblacklist/pfsense compatible file structure archive.

Do these blacklists work with pfSense?

With pfSense there are several methods for updating depending on which filtering strategy you are using, which blacklists you select, and which archive structure you require, all of these options are available in the members area of the website for immediate download.

Are the blacklists available for DNS Servers?

Yes, we have zone files available for those whom seek to filter using a dns solution.

What about Mikrotik RouterOS?

As a subscriber you will have access to blacklists ported for use with RouterOS Web Proxy 'access list', and RouterOS DNS Server 'static entries' format. Most of our lists will run on most Mikrotik Routers, however the larger lists require a more robust solution. We recommend you ensure that your Mikrotik devices have the storage and memory requisite for lists of this size. Before subscribing we recommend you review our Mikrotik Routerboard Blacklist Compatibility Chart.

I need a working squid3 configuration squid.conf where can I get one?

We have an example configuration file for use with squid3 you can download here. If however you are not running a squid3.x series proxy, or if you may require site specific configurations. You can utilize many of the resources available at

How do I update blacklists?

You can manually download our blacklists and apply them anytime, anywhere, when you need to update or download a blacklist for Squid web proxy. You can easily script and/or crontab your own update scripts or software for automatic updating. Check out our downloads section for an example update script. Our servers are up 99.99% of the time leveraging CloudFlare's world class content delivery network. With multiple redundant servers for failover conditions, we provide our members constant access to the latest blacklist updates. Maintaining and operating your network services, including updating blacklists is your responsibility, not ours.

Where are blacklists formatted for Peerblock software?

If you are using PEERBLOCK you need to use PEERBLOCK formatted blacklists from our commercial partner This is where you can obtain our works converted to ip address & formatted for use with PEERBLOCK. The blacklists on are not formatted for use with PEERBLOCK.


Squid Proxy

If you intend to use Squid Proxy Native ACL blacklists with Squid Proxy, you can draft your own scripts, or you can choose from one of the two we have prepared for you. squid-update-v1.tar.gz or, a second option squid-update-v2.tar.gz

Dansguardian Under BSD or GNU/LINUX

To crontab automatic blacklist download/updates using Dansguardian on a BSD or NIX machine download dg-update.tar.gz and follow the instructions.

pfSense - Dansguardian Option #1

If you want to use our shalla/urlblacklist compatible archive, sign up, then download squidblacklist.tar.gz

I cant get authentication to work in pfSense!

If you arent able to get authentication working, and you want to tell the developers of pfSense that you would like authentication added to the web interface in pfSense, please feel free to send them a message on the pfsense users mailing list. There are plenty of easy workarounds being used by our members.

pfSense - Dansguardian Option #2

If you want to use our dg/sg standard acl blacklist format, proceed to download this update script sblorg_updater.tar.gz

OPNSense web configurator

Updating in OPNSense is easy. Supported authentication will be included with the most recent release of OPNSense now and in the future, so you can use our shalla/urlblacklist compatible archive, sign up, then download squidblacklist.tar.gz

Helpful Resources

Squid.conf Example How to use ACL"s in squid.conf squid.conf.txt
Domain Whitelists Gratis - Free Whitelists Whitelists
Mikrotik Chart Does your routerboard support blacklists? compatibility chart
Blacklist Index List of all blacklists on this server. all-list.txt
pfSense Tutorial #1 Configure Squid in pfSense & updates. read instructions
pfSense Tutorial #2 Update blacklists for Squidguard. read instructions
List of TLD"s A list of TLD"s. tlds.txt
Squid Users Guide A simplified users guide for Squid proxy setup. Squid Users Guide


Standard Membership

Blacklists by are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. With a standard membership, you are free to use the lists how you please, so long as you dont reproduce and/or redistribute them.

Commercial Subscription

Our commercial option is for entities who are interested in republishing and/or redistributing our works as part of their commercial products, applications, services or solutions. With the protections secured with a legal commercial agreement, you are freed from the restrictions of the Creative Commons License. Please review our commercial services page.


Liability and Responsibility

We do not mind sharing information and guidance with our members, we want you to succeed, but we are not a vocational educational institution. It is not our responsibility to develope, configure and mainain your computers, applications or networks. How you use our blacklists and other related materials is your responsibility. We do not filter the internet or traffic on any networks, and as such, we cannot and will not be held liable for how our members, or anybody else uses our blacklists. Please consider carefully before subscribing.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple, we will never sell or release your information to any third parties for any reason. Unless we are ordered to do so by lawful authorities under legal proceedings. We will not disclose, release, or sell your information to anybody, for any reason short of a warrant or court order.

Laws Regarding Possession Of Piracy & Porn Blacklists

It may be illegal in some some locales, under regional laws, to merely possess a list of either piracy related, or pornographic domain names. Be advised to check with your legal team to ensure you are in legal compliance with your local, state, and or federal laws and regulations.


Recurring Payments

As a subscriber you will have the option to enjoy automatic recurring payments if you select to subscribe monthly or yearly.

Failed Payments

If we are unable to charge your account for any reason, dont worry, Paypal will attempt to charge your account three more times, and then if collection fails it will roll over your balance to the next billing cycle.

Close my account and stop payments.

Cancelling your account is easy, you may cancel your membership at any time, simply log into your Paypal account and cancel recurring payments and we will suspend your user name and password after the remainder of credited time expires.

Suspended Accounts

If your account was suspended for non payment, dont worry, we will reactivate it and add the outstanding balance to the next billing cycle. If your account is suspended and you need to have it reactivated, simply resubscribe and your username and passwod will become active once payment has been verified.


As a provider of services, not physical returnable goods. We do not issue refunds. Please consider what you are paying for before making a purchase.

Claims & Disputes

If substantial evidence exists to prove or support a claim that a real criminal fraud, or an unauthorized fraudulent payment has occured, we will issue a refund. Be advised however that abusing the fraudulent claims form on Paypals website, is in and of itself a form of criminal fraud. We reserve the right to suspend your access indefinitely, at any time for any parties abusing our service by any means, including by not limited to, abusing Paypals fraudulent and unauthorized claims form.