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Commercial Blacklist Service.

Our commercial option is for entities who integrate our works as part of their commercial products, services, and solutions. Government, business use, resellers, militart, enterprise, educational, or municipal use. Your support is critical to fund our work. With a commercial license, you may freely use our works as an integral part of your commercial products and services. Freedom to use our works as a value added resource for your own software applications or publications without the limitations imposed by our Standard subscription terms, licenses under the Creative Commons Attribution/No-Derritives license.

To upgrade your standard membership, simply secure a commercial membership below, after your payment has been verified, we will cancel the old recurring charges. You will receive an email from Paypal confirming the cancellation has occurred. We will modify your account records to indicate the change to a commercial plan. An email confirmation will be sent to you once the process is completed. To find out more about our commercial licensing model, or for all your inquiries regarding invoicing, or service please email us at service@squidblacklist.org. Our optional commercial service agreement template can be downloaded here. Terms are negotiable, contract not required.

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Cost License Description
Download Blacklists Now $50 Monthly Commercial Monthly Membership - Get started now, cancel anytime.
Download Blacklists Now $350 Yearly Commercial Yearly Membership - Get ahead and save with yearly plan.
Download Blacklists Now $800 3 Year Commercial 3 Year Service Plan. One payment, three years of service.

Disclaimer: Cancel your subscription at any time, all sales are final we do not issue refunds.